Our Mission

Our mission is to improve your fitness, health and your life!

When you walk into CrossFit Dagda you will be welcomed with a smile and friendly faces. We want to make your day better and help you make the most of your life!

We bring CrossFit to the San Antonio community with a judgement-free environment, welcoming atmosphere and positive attitude!

What We Do

In our facility you will find kettlebells, barbells, pull up bars and wide open space for running, jumping, lifting and throwing. We utilize functional (everyday) movements which will help you inside AND outside the gym. But, every workout is different so it will always be fun and exciting!

Our workouts are paired with attentive coaching and a positive atmosphere which will help you improve your health and de-stress from the world outside of the gym.

What Makes Us Different?

There is no age limit at CrossFit Dagda. Since our focus is on functional movement and longevity, our programing is created to ensure you can still workout at age 80+ without putting you at risk for injury!

Our coaches truly care about your progress and will adjust the workout to suit your needs. We have soccer moms, active military and students working out side by side. Everyone is supportive and here to achieve the same goal – improve their health!

We host and participate in a wide range of events such as BBQ’s, Pool Days, Mud Runs, Competitions and much more!

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