Freeing Nutrition Habits


Freeing Nutrition Habits

We recently wrapped up our Dagda Nutri-Prep program and Aimee was one of our very successful participants! With a new baby on the way and a very busy lifestyle she needed a way to keep her family fed, healthy and happy! She shared with us what she learned below:

Pictured: Aimee

“I have been lucky enough to be friends with Priya and her family for several years as her son’s violin teacher! I found her enthusiasm about her own journey through health and nutrition infectious. When I became pregnant, one of my questions as I prepared for motherhood was how would I be able to keep our family (myself, husband, stepson and little one) fed with healthy options as well as keep my busy work schedule with as little added stress as possible so I can be present for them. Priya was SO encouraging to me that it was not only possible but it could be fun and empowering!

I was curious if this Nutri-Prep (meal prepping) course would be helpful.

During the program I felt amazing and satisfied!

My biggest challenge was the planning! Before doing this I would shop with only one meal in mind. I can usually only cook one day a week because I am busy during the days and evenings. I’d shop for the single meal while having somewhat of a sense of looming dread about not knowing what we’d eat the rest of the week. So, I’d overbuy by throwing random convenience foods into the cart that inevitably sit on my shelf for months. Planning has made all the difference and is so worth it.

After the Dagda Nutri-Prep course I feel healthy, satisfied and more empowered that I can do this mom thing!

The biggest thing I want everyone to know is that it IS possible to plan and cook a week’s worth of meals in just a couple of hours.

This was really a gift for my family. My favorite discoveries were learning that my family enjoyed the food AND that I can vary them, adding or subtracting ingredients to the framework of the recipes. That part is really freeing to me!
A million thank yous! -Aimee”

If you need help with nutrition we have an in-house nutritionist (Priya, currently pursuing her dietetics degree!) who offers one time and ongoing nutrition services. Something to fit every budget and need! To schedule a Free Consult please click HERE.