From Stress Eating to Balanced Eating


From Stress Eating to Balanced Eating

Mirella saw great progress working with out nutritionist Priya. She started with the basics and now she can enjoy eating healthy AND having a cheat meal with no guilt or worry! Read more about her story below:

Pictured: Mirella

I worked with Priya for about 6 months and some; it is one of the better decisions I have made to help me become a better person on the fundamentals of nourishing my body.  You are what you eat.  I swear working with her wasn’t as cut throat as that phrase.  Priya firmly believes that any small amount of progress is progress- the mere fact of thinking of these small changes is progress enough.

My problem for such a long time has been stress eating, and an up and down rollercoaster of gaining weight and losing weight.  We worked on tweaking habits.  I was never told or encouraged to remove foods (any) from my diet.  I was encouraged to meal prep, drink water, add vegetables-anything I liked, and fruit to my diet. 

Every two weeks there was a new habit, and though it wasn’t easy, and honestly, I didn’t always have the motivation to firmly abide by the new habit and new set of changes every 2 weeks would bring.  My body and mind picked up on several concepts: hydrating, the way I plan for my week, the way I grocery shop, and even using my down time (I’m also a tv binger) wisely. 

Priya has helped me establish sustainable changes that have become intrinsic to the way I eat.  I have a nice balance of carbohydrates, protein, fruit, and vegetables for most meals.  The biggest change I made is letting go of the all or nothing mentality.  I’m not so hard on myself on the days I can’t plan accordingly or end up at a drive-through.  She will always remind me of the 80/20 principle! I love it!

It isn’t a one and done concept- I continue to learn and expound upon the simple changes I have made to help me feel good.

If you need help with nutrition we have an in-house nutritionist (Priya, currently pursuing her dietetics degree!) who offers one time and ongoing nutrition services. Something to fit every budget and need! To schedule a Free Consult please click HERE.