Everyone has a purpose in life, may be multiple purposes. When you follow your passion, you find your purpose! My passion is to TEACH and GUIDE, specifically health & nutrition and this passion is fueled by my life experiences. Born into a family that trusted in the foundations of good food, I grew up seeing my mother passionately cooking each meal for us. Everything in our home revolved around homemade food.

I’ve always been a teacher. My very first job in high school was as a math tutor. I LOVED IT!

This eventually led to me teaching computer science to college kids after I finished my first round of education with a PhD degree. I LOVED TEACHING! Did I like Computer Science? I will leave that for you to guess! 😊

Life happens, doesn’t it? Beginning of 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Well, I have been taking good care of myself, so I thought! I have been eating healthy, exercising 3-4 times a week; however, other stressors such as lack of sleep, five years of PhD program with a kid growing and a family to run, and the invincible genetics – I didn’t consider any of these and they sure have been adding up!

Going through all the treatments, I had to stand up for myself – to the doctors, yes, they take care of you, however, you need to be clear about what you are ready to put your body through.  Before each doctor appointment, I worked out, scaled it, modified it to suit what my body needs – so my mind is clear, and I am one up against the doctor – LOL! I stayed on top of my nutrition. All of that I have doing the last several years certainly played a key role in my treatment and recovery and still is allowing me to thrive to my potential. The toughest part of any chronic disease management, lifestyle changes came natural to me.

And the best is yet to come – I discovered my true passion and my purpose – helping anyone who wants guidance to identify their own unique ways to nourish their body. Back in school on my second academic journey, this time with a greater purpose, to be a registered dietitian. Well, that precision nutrition certification was the start!

I have found my purpose and passion! 💜

To handhold those who need guidance in their quest to healthy eating! This is my purpose and my passion!

I’m thrilled you’re here and joining me on this journey!