Stay on Track Over the Holidays!


Stay on Track Over the Holidays!

It is that time of the year that you have been waiting for – Holidays!!

If you know you need help staying on track – Join our Ultimate Sugar & Fitness Challenge HERE (Begins Dec 4 – more details below)

It is time to be with family and friends, be thankful for their presence and for everything that has been offered to you this year. You’ll enjoy food, and make memories, although this year may be a little different.
This year we will appreciate the time spent together so much more!

But food is a key part of holiday celebrations, so you may feel nervous or fearful of what the holidays will bring. It is natural to feel mixed emotions. On the one hand, you are excited to be part of the festivities that you have celebrated with your families right from your childhood, enjoy food and company, AND on the other hand, you are afraid that you are going to lose all the progress and gains that you have worked hard for this year.

You are split between thoughts.
? Do I avoid my favorite foods/treats completely as I have worked really hard to be where I am?
? Will I go overboard and indulge if I give in with family and friends around?

If this is you, you are not alone. You can absolutely enjoy your favorite foods without feeling guilty and still make progress aka HOLIDAY-PROOF your GAINZ!!

We have put together the Holiday survival guide with 6 tips and tricks, the last one is special, that you can use to prioritize health, fitness, and nutrition no matter what life — including the holidays — throws
at you.

  1. Eat SLOWLY and to “satisfied” instead of “stuffed”: The most effective tool for holiday eating may also be the simplest one – Eat slowly – And stop at “satisfied”, instead of “stuffed”. Enjoy the company. Focus on the conversation. Eat slowly and allow your brain to register that your belly is getting full.

2. CHOOSE YOUR SPLURGES – Choose with purpose, say, “I like this cookie because..”. Indulge mindfully on what you love most. Pick your favorite treat and enjoy it slowly for 10 minutes

3. PRIORITIZE movement and stay active: Getting to the gym with all the busyness of holidays gets challenging, we understand. Go for a walk with the family, do simple full-body movements such as squats, lunges, and our favorite – burpees! We do not want to spill the excitement, stay here
for the last special trick!

4. EAT REGULARLY – Letting yourself get too hungry is one of the best ways to end up over-drinking and overeating. During the holidays, you don’t always have the time to prep a nice, balanced plate of protein, veggies, fruit, and healthy fats. Consider having some fruit or a
protein super shake (part of the last special trick!) rather than waiting till mealtime.

5. Fit in your favorites, HEALTHY food first – Do you want to get through the holidays without losing strength? Without gaining extra weight and body fat? That’s all possible.
Holiday feasts are calorie-dense foods – mom’s mashed potatoes with butter, aunt’s pumpkin spice bourbon cheesecake..yumm. Here is the trick to enjoy all of that and still keep your gains intact – Choose first to build your healthy plate with protein, veggies and fruits, healthy fats and
then follow the first tip.

6. Holiday-PROOF your Gains: We have put together a special program for you – The Ultimate Sugar and Fitness program. It incorporates all these 4 strategies to support you through the holidays, strong into 2021.

Holiday preparations, family visits, epic meals, and end-of-the-year festivities can make it feel impossible to avoid skipping workouts, gaining weight, and landing on January 1st with a momentous hangover. You DON’T have to, you can take charge of how you want to feel enjoying holidays and keeping your GAINS intact. JOIN US HERE

This challenge begins Dec 4 and includes:

  • A comprehensive app with daily nutrition guidance AND an exercise mini task
  • Direct communication with your nutrition coach – added accountability to ensure your success!
  • Weekly Facebook Live Q&A
  • Weekly progress review
  • One pan menu plan
  • No added sugar recipe guide